Approval of plans for blocking and development of lands

  • All development and blocking of land which belong to the municipal council should be registered with the council prior to commencement of such activities
  • Fees
    • Application fee: Rs. 10.00 + VAT
    • 300.00 + VAT for 2 (two) blocks or less.
    • 100.00 + VAT for each additional block
    • If the land is blocked to sell, Rs. 500.00 + VAT per block

Obtaining permission to display promotional material

  • Permission is required for any kind of promotional material put up within municipality limits. Promotion can be defined as the display, the presentation or the mounting of one of the following material above a building, a structure or a piece of land for reasons promotional, fully or partially: Any word, address, number, sign, place, panel, notice, appliance, poster or brochure
  • Fee is calculated based on the nature of the promotional material