The municipal council charges three types of taxes from residents and business operators in the city.

Assessment Tax

  1. Assessment tax is levied from all residential and business premises on a quarterly basis. All land and buildings situated within municipality limits should be registered with the assessment tax registry.
  2. Tax rate:
    1. The assessment tax is charged as a percentage of the annual value of land and buildings. The rate may change depending upon the level services provided and the facilities available in the vicinity of the property. A higher rate is applied to commercial establishments.

Commercial Tax

  1. A commercial tax is charged on all commercial establishments registered within municipality limits.
  2. Tax rate:
    1. The commercial tax is limited to a maximum of Rs. 5,000.00.
  3. In the event of non-payment of Commercial Tax
    1. The owner will be notified by the municipal commissioner
    2. If the notice is ignored and payments further defaulted, a case will filed against the owner at the magistrate court by the municipal commissioner
  • The amount is charged as a fine and credited to the council fund.

Entertainment Tax

  1. All public performances with the exception of religious and educational events are subjected to an entertainment tax. Admission fees of such events should include the tax rate. The applicant should place as security 25% of the income of admission tickets for evens except films and stage dramas
  2. Tax rate is gazetted