Kurunegala is a well-planned and maintained city with a population of more than 40,000. Due to its location, and facilities, travellers and tourists often break their journey in Kurunegala before they head off to their next destination.

Kurunegala plays an important role as a linkage between the commercial capital Colombo and the central, eastern and northern cities of Sri Lanka. Five major roads intersect in Kurunegala. Kurunegala is also one of the main stops along Sri Lanka's main railway line running connecting Colombo and Jaffna.  The Railway station is situated in a suburb called Gettuwana, a few kilometres away from the city centre. The Bus Stand is situated in the city centre within a sprawling shopping complex.

Kurunegala City
City of Kurunegala

Facts & Figures

  • Population: 36, 500
  • Area km2: 11.34
  • Council Members: 12
  • No of Employees: 649
  • Shops owned by the Council : 106
  • Other stalls: 564
  • Libraries
  • Public: 01
  • Children: 01
  • Maternal Clinics: 06
  • Cemeteries: 01
  • Crematories: 01
  • Playgrounds: 06
  • Parks: 04
  • Community centres: 09
  • Public Drains: 05
  • Swimming pools: 01

Life in Kurunegala

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