Cultural Diversity

The cultural diversity adds colour to Kurunegala’s atmosphere. Kurunegala is a culturally diverse city home to different ethnic and religious groups. There are Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors and a substantial population of Burghers and Malays, all of whom live in harmony. As a result, a variety of cultural and religious events are held throughout the year.


Kurunegala is the education hub of the North Western province with many leading public and private schools and auxiliary education institutions. It also serves as the academic centre for students from other neighbouring provinces due to the city's facilities and the location.  The city is home for 12 national schools and 5 private and international schools making it a city well suited for studies. In addition to that, Kurunegala attracts more than 60,000 students a week for tuition and auxiliary classes.

Health and Safety

As a main administrative city in the North Western province, Kurunegala boasts of an excellent health infrastructure with a main hospital run by the Central Government, a hospital run by the Cooperative society and a number of private hospitals and channelling centres. The council manages a dedicated fire brigade and ambulances, ready to face any safety hazard. The council also manages a state-of-the-art waste treatment facility which processes and recycles waste.

Sport & Recreation

The Kurunegala Municipal Council pays a lot of attention to sports and recreational activities in the city.  There are two stadiums, a children’s playground and a Park in Kurunegala, all maintained by the Municipal Council. The walking terrace that runs around the Kurunegala Lake is an excellent destination for the residence to take a jog or a stroll while enjoying the scenery.

The KCC (Kurunegala Cricket Club) is a premier sports club in Kurunegala established for the development of Cricket.

Business & the Economy

Almost all major banks and financial institutions in the country have branches in Kurunegala. The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) operates a branch in the city thus providing a valuable opportunity for people living in the region to invest in the stock market.

You can find many private and council-run market places and shopping centres in Kurunegala. The fair is a typical Sri Lankan market place where you can buy garden fresh vegetables and fruits and newly caught fish at very convenient rates from vendors from all over the province. It operates only on Wednesdays and Sundays. The Central Market is another market place where you can buy food and supplies including rice, fruits & vegetables, fish and meat. The Bazaar commercial centre that spans several blocks and situated in the city centre is the nerve centre of retail trade in the city. Kurunegala is also an important market for motorcycles and motorcycle spare parts.